Friday, February 2, 2007

Cute Clips

One thing I love about having a girl is the clothes and accessories that I can buy and dress her up in. My daughter has quite a bit of hair and these are my favorite. They have flowers, animals and fruits and veggie clips.

Giddy Giddy Clips. You can buy them through paypal from the makers or you can get them at a variety of online shops.


  1. Amen, Missy.

    Cute clips. I usually get Iz's at H&M - but I really like these. I'll have to check out if they ship to the UK. I can just see them in her hair - which is so thick these days!

  2. Umm, I can't really comment on being excited for clips for Cole, but I did notice Lindsey that Iz's hair looked thicker in your Cheerio pictures. Very cute. That is one thing I'm missing out on. Accessories.


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