Thursday, February 8, 2007

fashionable cards, fashionably on-time.

I know I did a post on Valentine's Day cards at, but after a better look, I'm not a fan of their overall product. Some are a little tasteless. So, I've been doing my research for the perfect site for cards (since Paper Source only sells their cards in stores...what?) and found this: Red Stamp Cards. It is so perfect: a greeting card for every occasion, in every style, with decent prices and, AND... the option to have their company hand write in the card of your choice and send it to the lucky person you're thinking about directly from the store. Isn't that pretty brilliant?! (I know, ideally, we write and send our own cards. But for the times you forget until the day of? And you have to load baby in car, drive to your nearest Borders or Papyrus, pick a card, write in it, and make it to the post office before 4:00 to buy a stamp and send it... That's when this works. That's when you go to and choose the "we will handwrite your message and mail your card for you" option to get that card there just a little sooner. )

Added bonuses: they have 10 helpful etiquette tips. In their words, "Real paper notes mark true style and grace. Here’s the skinny on all things paper." They also provide a choice to give to a number of charities when you're checking out. (I think it adds $.98 to your total bill.)
I just finished purchasing a Valentine's Day card for Brad, a birthday card for Cole, a birthday card for Brad and a birthday card for my little sister. I'm set until May. Good find.


  1. I LOVE this. It's perfect for me as well, because I usually have to send overseas. This way, I don't. Great cards too.

    Definitely a good find.

  2. Oh cool! I am going to check that site out right now. Good findings Kelli. As usual.


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