Wednesday, February 21, 2007

story time

The books I pulled for story time tonight are two of my favorites. [Story time in our house is so funny because Cole can rarely sit still long enough to get even half-way through the 2 words on a page books.] Let me share:

Julia Wants a Pet is about little Julia who lives in an inner city apartment complex. She takes her baby carriage out every day to look for the perfect pet.. "Crows are too fast and flies are too small. A pony would be perfect, but a hedgehog or a frog would be fine, too." Her everyday outfit is a blue tutu over a yellow leotard. I love the illustrations and I love remembering that my biggest dream in life (pre-teen)...was to own a chimpanzee, of course.

Goodnight Opus, a play off of Goodnight Moon, is another fantasy adventure where little Opus "departs from the text" to visit the Milky Way, the tooth fairy, Abe Lincoln in stone, Blue Mist Lagoon, etc. with a silly twist at the end. The author offers a warning before page 1:
"This work of fine literature is not suggested for use by an adult unless accompanied by a kid or a kid guardian. If a suitable minor cannot be located, a proper set of bunny jammies should be worn during the reading. Please help us maintain these minimal standards."

Humor is good.


  1. Oh! I love them already. I may go buy them right now. I trust your book selections Kelli. We love Tub Boo Boo. In fact, I brought it out tonight while Devin was bathing Avery and I sat on the toilet b/c she's usually itching to get INTO bed by that time. It's funny, but I love good children's books. Thanks!

  2. Love good children's books too. These are great. I just bought Madeline in London and its so cute. Love the Madeline books. I am always looking for good children's book recommendations - I want a big library for Iz.


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