Wednesday, February 14, 2007


On the art front, I thought that this was a really great painting. Cheery and colorful and very adolescent.
You can find more of Sophie Soprano's original art (and limited edition prints) here.

Red Stamp Cards turned out to be a great company to work with. I got my order within days: unbent, really unique, quality cards with a handwritten note thanking me for my business. I love that place.

On another note, Dwell's bibs and burp cloth set gift idea was such a bust. It was 2 amazing bibs and one burp cloth for $16... and when I go to purchase it for a friend, they add on a $25 shipping fee. Hhmmmm. Crappy tactic, Dwell. They lost my business.


  1. I like that painting. Where is it from?

    Glad to hear that Red Stamp Cards is good. I may have to use them next time I plan a baby/bridal shower.

    I'm sorry about Dwell. That's a bummer. They have cute stuff, but customer service is huge in my book.

  2. The painting is from Two Sister's Art gallery. (I put a link in the post.) It's a local gallery here in Midway. But I really like a couple of the artists.

  3. Lame about Dwell. Cute stuff, but lame shipping.

    So happy to hear the report on the Red Stamp Cards company.

    I really like that painting. Going to check out the site now...


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