Thursday, March 8, 2007

baby bytes

I know our babies can't actually email right now, but getting the right email address is hardly accessible these days! When I was switching from hotmail to gmail, I had to play around a bit to get a decent email address. I just wanted my name as the address and I had to add my middle initial rather than signing up with (or something like that). So, I signed Isobel up with an email address. By the time she's old enough to do it herself, her name will be gone and she'll be stuck with or something. IsobelPhillips wasn't available so I added her middle initial and viola! She now has her own email...and sometimes her dad gets emails from her.

It's really fun to see from: Isobel Phillips.


  1. That's funny, Linds! But a really good point. I wonder where we will be in...12 years when they will be interested in emailing. What is Izzy's middle name?

  2. Hey, Devin created Avery one when she was born. It's @ our server that I use on my email address (don't want spammers...)It's fun right? I like sending Devin notes from her too, better yet, I like writing her emails throughout the day.

  3. They may be emailing you sooner than you think! My nephew that is 8 emails me sometimes. He doesn't have his own email though, he uses my sisters (his moms) email though (she signs him in, which I think is a good idea since there are so many creeps out there and not good for kids to be doing much on the computer!)


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