Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chic Place Settings...for Kids!

No more Disney dinner wear for our little babies...check out this stuff. It's a new line of place settings for the style-minded. They are kid-friendly, but modern parents won't be disappointed. You've got the boy, girl, flying egg or melon. And I'm sure more prints will come out soon!

Their claim? You'll love them so much that they bet you'll hijack them for your own dish of ice cream.

PS: They have matching plush bibs to match!


  1. Missy, I got an email about these this morning. Do you subscribe to Urban Baby emails? I love this! ("boy" is my favorite) It's true...right now we have a wild animals set (from the Wildlife foundation) and a Disney Paris Thumper set..both gifts. Cole is starting to eat off of his plate too. Before it was always food directly on the highchair or he would throw the plate. (Now, he only turns the plate over when he is done.) Great post.

  2. Yes! I do get their emails, but don't usually read them. This was struck me b/c I want to get her some "cool" plates.

    That's cute that he turns it over when he's done!

  3. Missy, Nursery Therapy posted another idea for modern kids place setting. I really like the "dots"..


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