Monday, March 19, 2007

exactly one year old.

Cole and I ventured to his 10am 1 year checkup today. It was risky business, considering that his nap time is 10:00 (although I have been trying to push it back a bit) and he can only be entertained by the paper lining the "bed" for so long. As you can imagine, come 11:00 (it was a long appointment...including my waiting time), he didn't even want my cellphone or keys. Or binky. Just his bed. The good new is--I got some advice for the screaming problem that became oh so unavoidable. This is what I learned about everything one years old (with special emphasis on Cole, of course):

His stats (if you are interested): He weighs almost 22 pounds [30%], is 30 inches long [75%], and has an 18 cm(?) head circumference[40%]. Anybody who tells me that my son is huge or "such a big boy" (which I get all of the time) is a little off. I have proof now.

He cannot eat shell fish or nuts, but anything else goes (including honey at this point).

He should be drinking 18-24 ounces of [organic] whole milk/day now. And the bottle is supposed to be no longer. I need to make a trip to buy some more sippy cups today. And Maggie (the very lovely doctor who is pregnant with her second baby girl) suggested trying one with a straw.

I am going to start giving him utensils with all of his meals so he gets the practice.

By 15 months, Cole (or any baby) should be saying at least one word. Even if it's not a word in my vocabulary, he should be consistent with saying "goo," for example, to mean he wants up, also for example. Cole is a bit behind with his language. He isn't saying mama or dada or many consonants at all for that matter. We already have a constant dialog, but I'm going to try to read to him at least 20 solid minutes a day.

His car seat can face forward. [Check. We were excited about that one and did it a week early.]

And the screaming problem? She is a bit concerned that that is his communication (hence the lack of speech). Her recommendation: to give it no attention. When he starts to scream, I leave the room. If I'm holding him, I set him down on the floor and go to where he can't see me. Hopefully it will help!

Will you guys tell me what you learn (or have learned) in the next several weeks..? Every doctor seems to have a different focus and it's so helpful to hear things that maybe we skipped in Cole's visit.

[Oh, and p.s. It's a stethoscope.]


  1. Wow, this was really interesting Kelli. Gives me a head's up. Let's all try to put our "things-learned" at well-baby checkups on here. You are right, every doctor is a little different.

    Let us know how the screaming progresses too.

  2. Your doctor sounds great. I like the idea of sharing our info too.

    I think it's so exciting that Cole can eat pretty much anything now, that he is graduating from a bottle to a sippy cup (permanently..Izzy isn't all for the sippy yet...) and utensils? Very fun. I'm excited for Isobel's one year check up now (which will be in two months)...

  3. yep...that's what ours said too. Although, Ours said a little less milk is ok. Ian is drinking more like 10-18 oz. our dr said 12-18 was just fine. Ian drinks tons of diluted juice and water during the day though.

    comment on the screaming. have you tried sign language? You know that cole can understand you, but can't respond back. but babies can communicate with sign language as early as 8 months. Addie was signing "milk "more" "all done" and "mamma" by 13 months I think...and WOW! it made a difference. Ian, on the other hand, isn't picking it up as fast. He is a screamer. I know how you can be unbearable. and I really think that it has so much to do with the fact that he wants to talk , but can't. We try and ignore it's hard. but the signing is working. he will sign 'all done" in stead of scream to get out. Anyways, maybe cole will pick it up faster than Ian. I just remember when addie FINALLY signed for milk (10-11 months old) she stopped screaming, and would sign. it was awesome. also, signing helps to develop vocab in children...many are afraid that it will keep them from talking. it's just the opposite. signing helps them understand that there are symbols for their feelings. then, when words come along, they are familiar and want to communicate. anways, good luck!

  4. i completely agree with the doc with the screaming. it would have been my advise. that is definatley what works best with my (23 month) son, with about every bad thing! for example, he started biting. we totally ignored it (which is hard when a 18 month old is biting you!)..and it faded in about a day! but i reacted when he played with the cat food...which he now loves to do when he wants my attention! it might seem neglecting or lazy...but i truly think it works best to ignore ignore ignore with some kids.

    the car seat...i'm with you with the total you know that they are preparing to change the age and weight to much older (and heavier) to face forward!?!? caleb (my son)'s dr even suggested we go BACK to backwards facing! (which, of course, wouldnt fly with caleb once he had been facing forward for like 4 months!) aparently the spine is not developed enough to handle a forward crash at 1. apparently other places, such as europe, are ahead of us in this thinking. anywho....with my daughter i am going to hold out till she is older to face her forward. the doc suggested atleast TWO! but will i be able to hold out that long?!?!


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