Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Feeling London-ish?

If you're missing Lindsey {or London, or both!}, you can get a little closer to her by making your way to Target. Yes, ladies {do we have any gents here?} I said Target.

You know Boots. Of course the store. But, the skincare line that is only made in England? Well, Target has struck a deal and the products are making their way over the Atlantic and into our welcoming arms. Tell me others know their face washing products. Lindsey, do you use their stuff? I haven't tried their eye cream {used their face wash while living there}, but that's a good deal for a mere $13.99. Neutrogena's is $20.

Lindsey, I feel a little closer to you just thinking of my Target ten minutes away.
***Addendum*** here is the link for all Boots products at Target online.


  1. Made me smile! You are so cute.

    Oh and Missy, you posted while I was up (it was morning for me - 6am!). Crazy you were just going to bed for the night and I was up. Early rise for Izzy...not fun.

    I'm at Boots literally every other day. No joke.

    I'm feeling a little guilty for not using these products though. I mean, hello, if they are making their way to Target from the UK then they must be good! They have a tea-tree and witch hazel line I want to try.

    Do you remember how much the face wash was over here? I think they are charging more in the US...maybe cause it's an import?

  2. I love Boots and I love Botanics. I used their products when I lived in London too, but I don't remember which ones. Good find!

  3. Ok, so I was almost out the door to Target this morning, but checked the blog first...and I am glad! I bought some toner, and I love it! What great stuff. Real nice prices too. the toner was $6 I think? Great recommendation!


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