Tuesday, March 13, 2007

finding his flare.

This will sound silly, but I'm in search of a new style for Cole. (Remember when you realised-in 5th grade-that you just aren't a Ked's girl? Maybe this isn't a universal experience, but it rang true for me. I'm not a Ked's girl, I'm not a loafer girl, and I have a hard time being a purse girl. I like unique and I have an especially hard time when unique becomes trendy. I always tell Brad...if only I had the money to dress my style.)

Anyway, I was realising when I decided it could be a fun idea to get a new "birthday outfit" for Cole's first party, that he's not a Gap kid. I buy Baby Gap because it's available and because I get money back on my BananaRepublic card. That said, I'm getting pretty bored of the button downs and the polos and the graphic t's that the "big" stores are doing.

This is a cute image because it looks very European to me..but how practical is it to dress Cole in a blazer and expect him to keep the top button done? [not very!] If I had my way, Cole would be dressed in Oilily or Fig Kids or BlaBlaKids. (And I'm good at finding these kind of boutiques) But none of those can work on my budget. So, where do I go to find the unique, the simple- boy clothes on a budget. I should be able to pay Gap prices for something different. (And probably available online..)

Style mavens??


  1. Oh my, I always tell Alan that if I had the money to buy what I really wanted...I would have the most fantastic wardrobe (according to me, at least!).

    I find lots of unique clothing items I would LOVE for Isobel, but I cannot justify spending so much on her clothes when I know she never gets that much use out of them...she has so many clothes (lots of gifts...I think nearly once a month someone at church gives me something new for her still!) so some of them never even get worn more than once or twice.

    We have lots of Gap/Old Navy/Target clothes for Izzy, but when they go on sale it's such a great price (plus a lot of them are from my mom). I think GAP has more variety when it comes to baby girl clothes than boys. At least that was my experience when shopping for nephews.

    You could come shopping in London, because there are some different styles over here :). Even at the big stores like H&M and baby Zara they have unique styles. Baby Zara is actually my fave.

    I do love how you always find these great boutiques though. You are so good at discovering them and sharing them with us! Like Boden. I ordered the Boden catalog after you posted and have been meaning to tell you how much I LOVE their children's clothes. Have you looked more on the site for boys clothes?

    Boutiques are expensive, but maybe you can justify buying a couple things to wear with his GAP stuff? Even with the GAP clothes I think you already add a hint of Cole's style like with his adorable green-checked vans. You could just buy a few different/unique clothes that could be mixed with his GAP stuff. Like a sweater, or t-shirt, shoes with GAP jeans or something?

    Or you could just come to London for a shopping trip!

  2. I'm with you there, though I kinda like the style Baby Gap is having right now for Avery. It's just so Springy (word?).

    You are SO good at finding the boutique type places, which is why you need to open one someday. You could get the items for wholesale and dress your kids in exactly what you want without paying the high retail prices.

    I'm a fan of having a few outfits that you just LOVE and mix matching them with pants/skirts/shorts and accessorizing with shoes and headbands/clips. Obviously Cole doesn't wear headbands or clips, but what if you found a few things (like Lindsey said) to go with the everyday wear from Gap or Old Navy?


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