Wednesday, March 7, 2007

If You Wanted To Change Your Nursery

If you have the desire {and money} to change your nursery decor, I'm totally digging this site. Specifically the bedding above.

But, check out these cool quilts and this "t" (for boys) and these fabulous changing mats.


  1. Very cute. I like the bedding a lot. The blue and yellow one is really cute too. Seriously, how many adorable baby things are there? Maybe we should all go into business together and design really modern, chic baby gear...of course we'd need someone to fund it, but wouldn't that be a dream?

  2. Or just start a boutique with all of these amazing things we've found. I love this site. Maybe I should look closer but...were there prices? It's going to be so much fun to have a maybe get some of these new finds. (I think that the diaper clutch is such a great idea. I don't really need to carry an extra outfit around anymore, so if I had just a small bag like that for a diaper and some wipes and maybe a binkie and a snack just in case...for a quick errand...I would be set.)

  3. What a fun site! There is so much out there! I have about 50 bookmoarks for online baby boutiques on my 'favorites'. I have always wanted to start one myself...I have been making my own stuff...bedding and wall art...but I am not as productive as I'd like to be...addie and Ian are my life right now. But if I were to do my nursery over again, maybe this for Ian... or this for addie when she gets a bed

    Sorry...can you not do hyperlinks on a comment?

  4. You can buy the Super Baby stuff at (great name right?)

    Sarah, I love your picks!

  5. Sarah, you make bedding and wall art?! I'm not surprised but can we see??

  6. sure...the stuff I have has either been given away, or is in Addie's room. I keep wanting to do more, but Addie's room is done, and Ian sleeps in our office. Until we get a new place (hopefully this summer) I am on hault. But, I do have an entire sketch book of ideas. Mostly what I love to do, is create wall art that matches bedding...putting the patterns from the bedding into say a triple panel of painted pictures. Maybe this will motivate me to start doing more! i will try and scan some stuff soon.


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