Tuesday, March 13, 2007

lunch break.

I'm in a rut or crisis... call it what you will. I love the food I make (or Brad makes) for our family, but we're falling into the trap of repeat meals. I cannot think of a variety of dinner or lunches or even food for Cole. Luckily, it's not mimicking my spaghetti or quesadilla or pb&j routine in college, but none-the-less, I could use suggestions!

Today, let's tackle Cole food. (Or toddler food in general) I'm sure everyone is more creative than I've been lately. What's on the menu for Cole? This is what I've come up with (and obviously never all at once. We mix and match ideas):

dried cranberries

eggs (scrambled, boiled)
cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, provolone, Babybell, cottage)

green beans
bell pepper
artichoke hearts

black beans
wheat bread/crackers (or toast)
cereal bar

lunch meat (turkey, ham, chicken)
grilled chicken

grilled cheese
homemade macaroni and cheese

I know this seems like quite the variety, but the truth is.. I usually don't have close to half of this stuff in my pantry/refrigerator. He gets quesadillas, sliced bananas, and green beans a little too often. Or eggs, toast and applesauce. It's a challenge to come up with a meal for Cole before our family dinner is ready. (Which is always the case. Cole gets hungry for dinner at 5:00! Ideally, we would feed him what we eat.) And lunches? I'm bored of what I prepare.

Any ideas?


  1. Here are a few things we do on occassion that Laney likes: edamame (sp?), baked potato, oatmeal with a little brown sugar, and rice. She actually really likes leftovers. She will eat what we had for dinner the next day for lunch quite often. And now that I think about it, I have cousins who used to buy like Progresso chicken noodle soup for their kids.

  2. kelli--I hear you! Lunch is almost always leftovers, and if that doesn't go well, it ends up being edamame, yogurt, apples, raisins, nuts, grapes, carrots PBJ, something with eggs or applesauce. I second edamame by the way. www.edamame.com. it's funny how there is a whole web site deticated to this cut little bean, or legume, or nut or what ever it is! I love them, Ian loves them, and Addie likes them most of the time.

    SO, leftovers is usually what I start with since, I can just re heat it, and it guaruntees me that they are going to get more than just "snacky" food. I tried a recipe today from one of my new fav cook books "dr. weil" (all natural, healthy, organic stuff...full of tons of flavor, and stuff) anyways, broccoli pancakes. Addie hasn't been into them, but Ian loves them. tonight I added spinach. So, they are green and yummy...easy to make and easy to finger feed. They are differnt, but good! Anyways, you might want to experiment with kid friendly finger food, but also putting in some more variety, flavor and spice. (i.e. put some spinach and tomatoes in a cheese cassadilla, or just keep a thing of pasta on hand in the frige so you can quickly add some steamed veggies, a little chicken, and a quick sauce or dressing). I just always like to make sure there is lots of flavor in my kids food...kenneth and I love to cook and try new foods all the time, and so I feel like I am preparing them to be open to all sorts of flavors. Sorry...that was kind of a babbled answer, but maybe that will help!

  3. I love edamame guys! Cole has had it but not too often. I just bought some yesterday, so ironic that you're both suggesting it. And leftovers. We do that too and Cole will actually eat everything, so I try introducing him to different flavors. It just seems like we don't have food leftover very often. (Maybe I'll stop halfing recipes)
    It's a good idea to add tomatoes and spinach into the quesadillas. (or eggs) Thanks! Keep the suggestions coming..

  4. Thanks for the ideas! I am so boring with lunch and you all (including your great list, Kelli) gave me some fresh ideas. Isobel has a quesadilla a little too often.

  5. Wow. What a great list you have going there Kelli. I need to print it out and mix ideas with some of the current one's I choose on a daily basis. Thank you!

    We're in a funk right now b/c Avery is sick and won't eat ANYTHING! Seriously, she's only taking to breastmilk and fluids (water and juice). It's tough.

    I'm a fan of the Yo Baby yogurt for her (Organic and Whole Milk) and pairing it with fruit and starch such as a cereal bar or some deli turkey. But, she eats that quite a bit. I should probably try quesadillas! I don't do that very often.

    Funny that everyone chose edamame. We've been having that a lot and she liked it before she got sick. A great meal for all of you is - orange chicken, sticky rice, edamame.

  6. we love yo baby! he has it EVERY morning. I hope Avery feels better quickly. Does she still have a fever?


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