Monday, March 12, 2007

Spanish Zara

While in Spain we went to Zara Home, which is probably one of my favorite home stores. There were so many things I wanted to purchase, but couldn't fit all of them in my suitcase (we packed real light). But, I did manage to squeeze in a few things...

A decorative pillow for the bed in Izzy's room. And her Grandma bought her the pink bunny from Zara too - it plays music and she really loves it. The room is currently a work in progress...

Then for one Euro, the store was practically begging me to buy this little hand puppet. Izzy loves when I stick in on my hand and it talks to her.


  1. Very sweet. I would love to see pictures of her nursery!

    I always find great stuffed animals I want to buy, but Cole isn't so in to them (yet). The bunny is perfect and I'm definitely a fan of the puppet.

  2. I love the puppet! Avery loves when we play with puppets with her...

    Do you have a Zara in the UK?

    Do post pics of her nursery when you can!

  3. ok, so now there are THREE people that want to see your nursery:) what cute stuff...I love the pillow. I went to the site for Zara home, but couldn't really see any of the merchandise...but from what I can tell, it seems like a reallly great place.

  4. Sarah, the site is a real let down actually. They don't have any products on it which is so sad because it is such a wonderful store.

    Missy, yes we have Zara (clothes and the home store) in the UK. I had never been to the home store though.

    girls, You won't be seeing any pictures of her nursery just yet. We have a ways to go, but we're making a little progress!


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