Tuesday, March 20, 2007

sparrow and bull.

[and for post #4 today--I'm on a roll]

If you get the emails from Urban Baby, you might have already gotten a sneak peak of Sparrow and Bull clothes. I browsed and will add them to my list of clothes I will buy for Cole when I find extra cash. (I'm not so into spending $30 on a t-shirt for a one year old. That means $30 for a couple of wearings before he lands a stain or two. But I really like adventurous style. And sometimes it's worth a spurge...especially if you shop the sale section.) I'll show you a favorite for boy and a favorite for girl. This dressing a baby thing just gets better and better, now that they need rubber soled shoes and practical running around clothes.

1 comment:

  1. I saw the email, but sadly don't always take the time to read them. Maybe I will unsubscribe and let you tell us the great finds Kelli...because I always love the one's you post about.


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