Tuesday, March 27, 2007


So, since I'm on a {wooden} toy kick, I thought I would share my newest great find. I picked up Melissa and Doug's rainbow stacker when I was grocery shopping at Wild Oats last week. For only $5.oo. Such an amazing price for an all wooden, non-toxic, quality stacker that seems perfect for his age. Ever since, it has quickly become Cole's favorite. I can't believe the deal I got (or anybody could get) when I compare it to:

Djeco's Cachempil Maman Poule from Oompa Toys for $29.99
or the Fun Stacker from Plan Toys [also found at oompa.com] for $17.99
or the Brio Stacking Clown, found at Target for $14.99
or a cloth version: Galt Toys' Stack and Nest Farm Friends found at Target for $31.99
or Haba's similar Rainbow Tower for $14.95 at Baby Oliver.
or the Latitude Enfant Cat Stacker (cloth) at Baby Oliver for $29.95

Something to look into for the hand/eye coordination.


  1. AHhh! $5? I was just at Wild Oats this morning...and skipped the toy section cause 5 days ago when I was there, I couldn't find anything for under $10. Maybe I missed it, or was it on sale? great find!

  2. I like this. My sister got Izzy a similar one for Christmas. All the proceeds went to an orphanage in Romania. I made the mistake of taking it out of the wrapping and then all the big kids (2, 3, 4) got a hold of it. Now I've lost some of the pieces.


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