Monday, March 5, 2007

swimsuit season.

I try to convince myself that it usually doesn't scare me as much as it probably should because, well...I don't live near a beach or don't dare to lay on my balcony in a bathing suit for the neighborhood to see. If I'm in a suit, I'm either on a really great vacation (and I know that I will never see the people that see me in a suit again) or I'm with my family on the boat and they couldn't care less. It used to be the curves (i.e. stomach) that made swim suit shopping a little tricky and quite discouraging, but now it's the lack of them. [It's hard to find a swimsuit that fits 34A--my post breastfeeding size--as well as one that comes with padding enough to cover the other post breastfeeding issues (i.e. stretched out parts that don't work well under a single layer of spandex).]

Call me crazy, but it's always a tell tale sign of personality when you learn about a person's bathing suit style. Don't you think? Kind of like shoes...either you're a pointed-toe-with-jeans kind of person or you're a Puma girl (that's me!) who rarely strays from flats if you have to "dress up." I've never worn a bikini. I have nothing against them (although I'm often left drop-mouthed at the body types who usually choose to wear them) but I've just never had the...guts. I've never been the cleavage type or the "french cut" type, which leaves me to simple and often "sporty." I just want to be comfortable. But, I do need the style factor and the pretty factor too.

Last year I went with this (in brown) and this (in black with fun printed bottoms that now I'm thinking are "too much.") They are good staples...but I'm looking for something fun and flattering to my new body.

I really like the Graphic-Dot Bandeau Tank (but could this work with a flat chest?) and the Ruffle Halter Tank (in green) and this Brown Floral piece. Does anybody know of any flattering 2 pieces (more coverage than not..)? The search begins.


  1. those are great! I have always loved the jcrew suite. Another site I love is Lands End, since they have suites for EVERY body type. You can even make a model of yourself and see what looks good. really cute tankinis, and full suites. Last year I got a slimming suit since I was still nursing and post-pregnant. It was a great find. Good Luck!

  2. Ok, I'm with you about swimsuit choices/personality. SO true. I like tankini's. Huge fan for when you have to go to the bathroom, just pull down the bottoms and they offer a little more coverage for the post-birth tummy. Although I'm really wanting my stomach to get tan and would love to find a cute, flattering, sporty bikini. Maybe that is impossible though. So, I'll look at the tankini's.

    Boden, the company you referred us to earlier has GREAT suits. I especially love this one.

    And I love this
    one from JCrew, but I'm with you about small breasts/capability to hold up. Does anyone have experience with this?

    I like your choices, especially the Nordstrom one (although $155 is quite a bit for me to spend on a swimsuit). Let us know which one you pick.

    And plan a trip to San Diego to show it off! Great post Kelli. I need to be more creative in my posts.

  3. I like Bandeau tops. I have a black JCrew one and sometimes I wear it as a bandeau and sometimes with the optional thin halter when I'm swimming and don't want my breasts to be exposed as I swim!

    I am a Jcrew girl. I knwo target has cute suits, but they never fit my body...which has actually really changed since giving birth so maybe I should start giving stores I had once written off a try again.

    Anyway, cute choices. I like the nordstrom one and the Jcrew Bandeau one the best.

  4. I'm Kathryn's friend Mary, and I've been enjoying your blog. So, I thought I'd comment on this one. Lands End has some great tankinis. I don't do one piece or bikinis, and I like the thickness of the Lands Ends suits. I feel like the suits cover just enough too.


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