Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What is your Inspiration?

Ok, since I am blogging this week, we have to talk about Nursery design. I am an artist which is a lot of fun, but it also presents a few problems...I have so many different styles that I love! As far as Interior Decor goes, I love everything from Southern French to Modern Swiss or Swedish. I am a mess sometimes! I have to say, my taste is narrowing as I get older, and it's working out. But as far as my Nursery goes, it too has gone through changes.

At first, with the knowledge we were having a girl, I wanted a sweet soft room perfect for a princess. This is what I planned on. I had the most to-die-for crib bedding made, and everything, and then...when she was four and a half months old, I was pregnant again! This time with a boy. So, now I had to make the nursery neutral enough for a boy to enjoy. Scratch the bedding, and start all over. But, with no money, I had to be creative.

Then, as I got to know Addie's personality, I realized this vintage French thing wasn't working for her, or me. I was over it, and she was much more spunky and fun than these soft subdued colors. So, back to the drawing board. So, this is what I came up with. But it is still a work in progress. The main thru line that keeps this room together are the colors from my favorite childhood books: The colors of this, the style of this, and the color and spontaneity of this.

The truth is, I never wanted to spend a lot of money buying exactly what I wanted. 1) my husband is a teacher getting his master’s degree, 2) this room is temporary…we don’t plan on being here long 3) With a girl and a boy, it’s a challenge—I would rather wait till they each have their own room to really go to town. BUT, limitations spawn creativity! So, most of this room is hand made, hand-me-down, thrift store or discount Pottery Barn.

Here are some pics.

The reason for this post is two fold:

1) I figure if I post pics of my nursery, you will too! I love seeing what other people have done and get ideas

2) To post the question: where do you get your inspirations from? My dream is to open a business selling Nursery Decor, and I want to find out more what people love and why.

Also, to say that decorating a nursery doesn't have to be pricey. Those two shelves are Pottery barn discount (they needed to be repainted) I purchased for $5 each. The Crib skirt is Pottery Bard discount for $10. The Frames are of my kids from Michaels that I added some color to and a ribbon, totalling $13 each. The Sock monkey was from a charity fair, $5. The Dresser was a horrible dark wood vermeer that I painted, and then added Frog and Toad to it at eye level for a Toddler. Point is, it can be done. So, what have you done?

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  1. You are so classic Sarah. I love it and you all the more for it. I love how each person has their style and implements it into their home {especially w/o spending massive amounts of money}.

    I'm modern. All the way. Love it all. The clean lines and simple cuts catch my eye and make me want to resdesign Avery's nursery using all new products. But, when I'm in her room, I really love it and feel that it is her.

    I went with Pottery Barn Kids. I wondered if I would ever have another girl so I went with pink. I had posted pictures a while ago before she was born, but they aren't showing up on my blog anymore. is the Kasey bedding in pink with green stripes on the inside of the bumper. And a very cool butterfly mobile that she loves. It's not a normal mobile as they have beads on them and hang from fish wire. Overall, I think it is her. She's such a friendly little girl that when you walk in there, it's just as welcoming and bright.

    I can't imagine having being pregnant after four months and doing the nursery all over again, but you have done a fine job! I'd like to see as it progresses too. Oh! I was going to tell you about displaying your artwork. Would it work if you got a wire picture hanger (like the one in Avery's play area) and clip them on a solid white or beige wall? If you took a photo w/o a flash in natural sunlight it may turn out good without any bouncing flashes off it.

  2. Sarah! Nursery Design is an excellent topic. Thanks for posting your's. Very cute and very classic. I love that you picked out some of your favorite children's book and went from there. Good idea.

    We are so far away from where I want to be with Izzy's room. Someday I will post pictures but there is nothing exciting to post...yet.

    Izzy's bedding was a gift from one of my friends and we got it at Mamas and Papas, a uk store. I loved it, because it was different and unique. However, don't know if I would have bought it the second time around. I feel like I have more resources I would have looked at now.

    I need to find some bookends (or fun props that can be used as book ends). I think I found some on Modern Nursery that I liked. I'll have to post. She also shares the room with a twin bed and that takes up so much space, but we need it for guests. I think about how cute her room would be without it...a little rug, a small table and chair,...but it won't happen in this flat.

    My style is somewhere between modern and bohemian.

    I think Missy's idea of using a wire hanger for all the artwork sounds so cute.

  3. Great idea with the wire hanger! i am going to try it! i love modern too, and the truth is, I think that I would go more modern if i could start all over. Lindsay...I know what you mean about going with what you have been given rather than what you would pick. But, soon she'll be in a bed, and you can start there! Kids keep growing, and thankfully so does my desire to design!

  4. okay. I'm going to sit down (at some point) at put all my nursery ideas to paper. this could be an exciting project.

    I love how everyone's style is so unique. It IS fun to peak into your nursery, Sarah. And I always loved seeing pictures of yours, Miss. Now, it's Lindsey's turn.
    (I would offer mine but it's undone. Just furniture and bedding. I will next move after a little decorating..)


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