Wednesday, July 11, 2007

more wall stuff.

I've always figured that I'll need a corkboard of some sort in my daughter's room. Something that gives her space to put up pictures of her friends + magazine collages. But, I'm feeling like I need to do it much sooner than expected. I want to put photos of her with her cousins + family + toddler friends.

The thought of a pinboard makes me nervous though. Pins? In a toddler's room? I'll pass. Thus, making the Three By Three Seattle Big Dot Magnet Boards ideal. Fun colors paired with a contemporary design. Plus, I like the idea of it being at her height...this could totally work.

Extra bonus.

{sold at}


  1. Very cute board! Just be careful she does not swallow the magnets. They would make me nervous.

  2. You are right ladybug. I wouldn't use those tiny dot magnets...too little for her chubby fingers! But, if I bought some super fun magnets (possibly to match her room) that were large, it could be really fun!

  3. Oh. I love these. I've used them before and they're great! Cole loves playing with {larger} magnets. Very cute idea for Avery's room.


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