Thursday, July 12, 2007

whole foods.

I love, love, love Whole Foods Market. And while I really like to shop at the store, I also enjoy the Food for Kids recipe section online. A little secret though? I love the food for myself just as much as having my daughter eat such balanced {and often vegetarian} meals.

I know it's simple, but take a look at the Instant Apple Crisp. Yum?!

  • 1 Cup Applesauce
  • 1/2 Cup Granola
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon

I always seem to be stuck in second gear around here at lunchtime. It's like I'm in "quesadilla mode" as I reach for the whole wheat tortillas and sharp cheddar. But, why not add some apples to the quesadilla every once in a while? Or have some Root Vegetable Fries with our banans and cottage cheese.

For real though, are you planning a baby shower anytime soon? Hop online and look under Whimsical Tea Sandwiches. They're sure to bring a bit of Kensington-esque to your get party.

Now that I'm hungry, I think I'll go whip up the Extraordinary Blueberry Pancakes. Yum, yum, extra yum.

{image from Whole Foods}


  1. Mmmm. GREAT idea to start looking up Whole Foods recipes. It's definitely my favorite grocery store and I miss it like crazy. Everything you posted about sounds so good. I'm ready for lunch..

  2. i love whole foods too! the honey whole wheat - yum! i also like the whole foods card for kids you can get up front - they get a free fruit leather every visit! ask around - its pretty cute!

  3. I just went blueberry picking and have TONS of blueberries now, so I'm excited to try that pancake recipe. Maybe it'll be a breakfast-for-dinner night.

  4. oh wish there was a whole foods in puerto rico!


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