Thursday, January 17, 2008

jax toy cube.

Ryan has accused me of caring more about the look of what goes into our house than the functionality of it. This may be true, but I think in my search for the ultimate play room storage I have covered all my bases. The jax toy box.

well, not a box, actually. organic cotton stretched over a minimal frame
yet so sturdy. quick assembly. suddenly you have storage. easy to take
apart and wash, too.

Throw in one or two of their jax toy cubes, and you'll have even more storage AND a table and chairs. Style, function and no complaints from Ryan. Perfect!

Comes in nest purple, green, orange and pink.


  1. These are perfect! I'm LOVING them.

  2. I like the dual functionality of both. The bright colors are fun and the set appears easy to move, clean, and collapse when necessary. Looks like a winner. Karen


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