Tuesday, January 15, 2008

welcome erica.

In keeping with the recent changes, we're pleased to introduce you to the newest member of Tangled and True. Erica Grover joins us as an author/contributor. She'll be looking for new products, testing them out, and revealing the results. She'll help keep us up to date with the latest styles in fashion and parenting. Erica brings an eye for design, a talent for photography, and a fresh perspective. We hope you enjoy her as much as we do.

Erica Grover

I first would like to say how excited I truly am to be a part of this lovely site and the Tangled&True team. I hope my contribution to this site is beneficial to all readers.

Writing up my own introduction is so much fun! I get to make the questions I want to ask myself. This means I can have control over the questions I ask, and not ask things like "If you were a fish which one would you be? (a dolphin in case you're wondering).

Q. What ethnicity are you?
A. I could tell you to guess but I'm pretty sure you'll guess wrong. I am Tahitian/Chinese/French/Irish. Due to being such a mix of ethnicity's I {ADORE} culture and learning about my own culture and other cultures as well.

Q. Kids?
A. 2 kidlings at the moment. Two girls to be exact, Gabriella (Ella) and Mailee (My-lee). I love love love being a mom to little girls. Shopping is so much fun and it's hard to say NO to all the beautiful and UBER cute clothes they have out there for little ones of the female variety.

Q. What drives you?
A. Kind of a deep question there but I guess I am the one that asked myself, so I can't complain. Life in general is what drives me. I love life and look forward to what a new day brings. Being a mother and a woman also drives me. It drives me to excel in both titles and allows me to feel productive and happy with my life.

Q. Currently residing?
A. I live in Iowa while my husband attends Veterinary school. He has a year and a half left and we can't wait to see what life holds for us after graduation!

Q. Hues?
A. I'm totally digging mustard yellow, apple green, turquoise blue and cocoa brown currently. Ask me tomorrow and I'm sure I'll have a longer list or a new answer completely.

Check out my family blog learn more about my crazy beautiful life here.


  1. welcome, Erica!! I'm excited to have you join us. And I LOVE Tahiti by the way. I spent my 16th birthday in Moorea (it wasn't planned... nothing like those mtv sweet 16 parties). :)

  2. I am so excited! Erica has great ideas all the time. I really enjoy reading her blog and getting to know her through this blogging world.

  3. I am so excited to have you aboard!!!

  4. erica has the best blog and i'm so glad she can be a part of something this great!

  5. You guys are going LOVE Erica. She's so great and has maybe the best personal blog of anyone I know.


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