Monday, January 14, 2008


Again.. thanks for being a part of our giveaway-a-day series, featuring several brilliant companies. Your comments were encouraging and we hope that you left tangled and true with a couple of new favorites.

To end your anticipation (no doubt), all winners are announced below. If you are among them, please email us with your shipping information (name + address) as well as any details specific to the giveaway you've won (sizing, product requests, choice of color(s), etc.). We need to hear from you by Friday or will need to go forward with a new winner. Congratulations!

Also be sure to apply the lovely tangled and true discounts when shopping:
Saranoni: 15% discount with code: T&T
JOY by Mel Lim: 20% discount with code: tangledandtrue
Chittypulga: 10% off orders over $100 with code: TANGLED10


tourblog, who said,
Baby Leg's concept and color are simply brilliant. Their organic cotton fiber softly resilient. Making a fashion statement that's hip and versatile. If my kids could wear these they'd be steppin' out in style! Kudos to the creator, original beyond compare. Soft and warm and snuggly they'd be wonderful to wear.
Satsuma: brittney, who said,
Baby blankets are yet another obsession i have!!! How will i give back? The 3 R's..
Woobee: tara, who said,
This would be perfect for summer time with baby number 2! I love the extra-large option.
Jesse Walker: toni, who said,
the cotton boucle hat, the patchwork scarf... all of those would totally express me! I love to see new talent!
winner 1:
jet'set, who said,
Oh! It's too hard to decide! They are really lovely. Thanks so much for the tip- We'll be planning a second birthday party soon too...
winner 2: {natalie}, who said,
oh my gosh, those are so stinkin cute! i love that superboy!!!!
blue package:
whitney, who said,
I love the chocolate and blue plush blanket and the stroller blanket in brown and blue.

With my first baby boy on the way in June, this package would make me one happy momma!
pink package: ani, who said,
That pink is just yummy. I would love to have it for my first baby (girl) coming soon!
JOY by Mel Lim: kristy, who said,
so hard to choose a favorite...I love the flatcards and wrapping paper, and the prints too! They would be so perfect in my daughter's room.
Chittypulga: sarah, who said,
The Tea Ankara pants are adorable! I'd definitely get those.

And three cheers for all of the companies that chose to give. Thank you!

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  1. Thank you T&T! We are excited to picnic on the new blanket!


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