Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ribbies clippies.

I am the first to admit that I am not always practical. I will take form over function almost every time, but not when it comes to hair accessories. I have two girls with completely opposite types of hair. One with smooth silky hair that nothing will stay in, and one with wild crazy curly hair that nothing will stay in. Ribbies Clippies is the first clip I don't have to worry about falling out and getting lost. Even better, the non-slip foam grip makes it tricky for small fingers to pull the clip out and toss to the wayside. Ribbies Clippies are made with a wide variety of modern grograin ribbons in various color combinations. You can buy them in pairs, gift sets or complete with a clippie holder.

The clippie holders answer the need for form while being highly functional. The ultimate in clippie storage if you ask me. It can sit on your counter or hang on your wall and it stores up to 18 fashionable clippies. 

*Ribbies Clippies is offering 10% off your purchase to all Tangled and True readers by entering code tangledandtrue at checkout. Thank you Ribbies Clippies!


  1. I love them!!!! My daughters hair is so smooth and she always pulls clips out because they slip down. I'm on my way to order some!

  2. You have abolutely adorable clippies. Best of luck and much success!
    Clare from
    My Little Sunshine BoWtique


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