Monday, April 7, 2008

il cocco di mamma.

Growing up I couldn't wait to pick my dad up at the airport. Each business trip he took meant something magical for me. Beautiful Korean dolls, silk kimono pajamas, a t-shirt, a pen, it didn't really matter. I lived vicariously through him and loved hearing about the places he'd been and the different cultures he experienced. It was and still is a highlight of my childhood.

Naturally it was easy to fall in love with the online boutique il cocco di mamma. Since I have yet to become a world traveler it allows me to bring pieces of that culture and learning I loved so much as a child into our home.

il cocco di mamma promotes and celebrates languages, cultures and people. Offering one of a kind gifts to kids everywhere, whether their parents are world travelers or not. Their signature tees are "designed with expressive international sayings and printed on the softest European cotton". (also available in organic cotton designs)

In addition to their signature tees they have a pleasing selection of multilingual books and CDs in some of your favorite classics. But what has to be one of my favorite shop items:

Wooden Alphabet Blocks by Uncle Goose
Available in English, Spanish, Italian, French, Hebrew, Greek, Arabic and Russian. $35.

Tangled and True deal: Free shipping on all orders over $50


  1. We need those blocks in French...for Christmas next year?

  2. I really like the bella/bello tees and think this idea is just perfect!

    My dad always brought home Hard Rock Cafe shirts from everywhere he traveled. I know that's very 80's/early 90's but we loved it. Fun memories!


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