Friday, October 10, 2008

Hair Pretties

When my sister and I were little, we referred to all of our hair barrettes and ribbons as "pretties." Now that my daughter has a head of hair that I would probably go to drastic measures to acquire (those long, thick, wavy, coppery locks to the left), we have fun with her hair pretties, too. I try to keep it simple, however. Audrey's personality is just the right mix of natural and girly. My love for feminine style has rubbed off on her, but boy does she love her cowgirl boots, too. She is almost eight, and feels that the poofy, frilly bows are a bit too young for her.

These goodies from my friend, Nettie's shop, are just perfect.
Colorful and fun, but not too cutesy.

Nettie sells headbands, clips and pony tail holders. And amazing quilts.

One of my other favorite shops for hair pretties is Lou and Lee. They make these headbands in all sizes, and they look really lovely nestled in an older girl's hair.

My daughter has this Summer Garden headband. The handwork is impeccable!

These, by Wren Handmade, are true works of art. Handmade from strips of fabric, these delicate flowers would be great for you or your daughter. I'd love to see these up close.

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  1. I do like those- Wren sells at Anthro. I have the set you featured and they are darling. I've worn them!

  2. I wish my daughter would keep "pretties" in her hair. As soon as I put them in, she pulls them out! *Sigh* Maybe when she's older...

  3. LOVE those clips from Nettie's shop. My girls have a few and I'm considering more...

  4. I have items from all of those shops and I loovve them. My fave has to be loud and lee though!

  5. Having these list, where you can shop beautiful hair accessories are really helpful.
    Hair accessories in your list will surely love by little girls.I love those clips from "Wren Handmade". I like it's design.


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